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[ Windy House ]
09 September 2023

It was there,
Though I didn't know
It was there.

For me,
It was merely an edge,
A sunken surface,
A wrinkle in the street.

When its skin was swept away,
and the wind flowed between the bones,
Perhaps life exited,
I thought.

I often visit the scrawny fossil
Where the sunlight bends upon its elbow,
And rain trickles down the nape of its neck,

Until I glimpse my faint reflection
In the puddle beneath the feet
Where sound gathered.

One day,
The wave will reach there,
Cutting off the blank,
And accumulating things I can’t fathom.

With every rise and fall of the moon,
The wave will drag the void in and out.

As time passes, will I recall that bare essence?

What will remain of the landscape captured by engraving strata in the air?

It was full of wind,
In the empty house.