Object Verb

Chanbyul Park

Human beings have developed various combination systems and have recombined them to produce innumerable creations such as mathematics, engineering, and language. Over thousands of years, language that forms the essay has been the greatest system that humans have combined. This combination composes the essay as a method to express one’s world. However, in the exhibition which aims to derive alternative essays as a methodology, Park takes an ‘object’ as a material to draw a new type of essay and departs from the standard of the written format of it.

Like language, humans have applied knowledge to make basic combination systems for objects, in which we call it as design in other words. A cap of a bottle, a handle for a cup, and wheels in a suitcase are the examples of a perfectly calculated formula for their combination systems. However, despite both language and objects using the same ‘combination’ methodology, their forms and impressions are completely different.