Yong Won Noh

Yong Won Noh is a designer based in Netherlands and Korea. He creates new context and value by reviewing the cultures and twisting the conventions.


Seung Hwan Ji

Seunghwan Ji is a designer born in Seoul(KR) and based in Eindhoven(NL). Ji explores the aspects surrounding identity within modern culture and society, including ones own relation to it, as multiple structures, and believes that this is expressed through various personas. With a perspective that views the inconsistency of various identities as a purely natural phenomenon, the designer expresses this phenomena through design. For him, design is not only a defence mechanism against the absurdity of modern society but also a medium for understanding contemporary society, inspired by observations (in particular) of people’s defence mechanisms. In the process of translating these personal narratives to sculptural works, Ji researches and works through playful conceptual works and through a thought provoking, insightful reversal of these everpresent existing norms.


Chan Byul Park

As an artist-designer, Chanbyul is interested in recording her perspective on the order of nature on two- or three-dimensional objects. Diaries, business contracts, and paintings are two-dimensional ways how humans make a record of the three-dimensional world. Cubism and Impressionism are examples of ways how painters portrayed the world from their perspectives on drawings. In writing, such a portrayal is achieved through various types of literature, such as poems and novels. By researching these different ways of documenting the world, she established her unique way of recording how she interprets the world in her works.


Min Kyung Seo

Min Kyung Seo translates spatial concepts into objects and images. She uses elements of film- images, sound and movement- to experiment our cognitive process in a space. Interested in the use of a camera between people in front of and behind it, she constantly records, develops her own way to imply the process of documentary filming into her design method.


Hi Kyung Eun

Hi Kyung Eun is an independent artist and designer who is based in Korea and Netherlands. Her work starts from studying the context of an object or culture and the relationship between those and humans. In the process, she deals with notions that compose contemporary humans, such as identity, perception, or body, navigating their fluidity. She is interested in the sensorial, emotional, and implicit language of different materials and forms. By combining those languages with the story, she visualizes her research.