Alternative Essay
:Ways to see a spinning top

A top spins. From a distance, it seems still, but stability comes from its high speed. It will slowly fluctuate and collapse at the end. A spinning top is an object that embodies a state of transition and paradoxical characteristic: being still only when it moves fast. In liquid modernity, having an absolute perspective is no longer imaginable. While rules, systems, and relations are fluctuating, individuals confront certain uncertainty and imperfection in their surroundings and even in themselves.
A spinning top is a metaphor pointing to the paradox and fluidity of things. In the movie Inception, a top works as a totem that helps Leonardo realize where he is while going back and forth between his two different realities, the real and the dream. In the exhibition, each artist navigates with one’s own spinning top, using it to identify between past, present, and future. Artists of Collective Doh initiate alternative essays from their own narratives: Captured Identity, Waving Home, Object Verb, Parallel Dots, and Scrambled Future.