Collective Doh consists of artists who are interested in the permeability of literature in their lives. The members employ the method of essay writing in their design practice. The artists break the pattern of puking a solution-looking answer in front of the great urgencies. Sober observations on individuals’ entangled realities create perspectives from mundane but mutual questions. The collective takes steps as if writing non-fiction, where the ability to make connections and expression is freed.

Member of Collective Doh ︎︎︎

[ A Bite of Void ]

After an era of seemingly endless material production, the graph of economic growth is flattening. Resources are depleting, goods are unstable. As technology advances, industries become more complex, and personal lives change at a rapid pace. Social media, the platform for modern relationships, only allows "likes" and only highlights moments that "look" happy. In the pressures and paradoxes of the times, many individuals seem to be exploiting themselves by chasing tangible accomplishments, the pinnacle of their lives. But to what end? Referring to the modern excess of positivity inherent in over-production, over-mobilization, and over-communication, philosopher Byung-Chul Han warns that violence can come from positivity as well as negativity. Therefore, we take a lingering step to face the void, the meaningless moments after all the achievement and positivity and design a practice of well-being.

How do we face and nurture emptiness for true well-being that embraces both the positive and negative aspects of life? From the beginning to the end of our existence, we all encounter emptiness at one point or another in our lives. However, the shape, color, and frequency of emptiness varies from person to person. Emptiness arises from the finitude of life or the gap between ideals and reality, wavering faith, or the cyclical nature of existence.

The artists and designers in this exhibition define their own emptiness, reflect on and reveal their own reactions to it through objects. The artists wish to offer the freedom to take a break from the cycle of constant affirmation, allowing us to contemplate the potholes of one’s life.