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[ The Circulation of Plants. Return to the Roots. Naturalness ]
03 June 2023

Flowers are often described as the final stage and achievement of a plant, but in reality, they are just a step in reproduction. What comes after the bloom is more crucial. Flowers wait for honeybees, butterflies, and the wind for pollination. At the end of this waiting, they bear fruits. Fruits, too, are often symbolized as fruition and achievement, but in the face of their true purpose, which is to spread the seeds of new life, it is merely a process. Fruits carry seeds and, through their sweet flesh, tempt animals to become their nourishment, effectively spreading the seeds in all directions. When the seeds find a suitable place, they take root and give birth to new life. The life of one plant continues into another, and this cycle is known as reproduction.

A flower that has fulfilled its role fades away, and the fruit may be eaten or burst, disappearing. However, the process will continue, and it will bloom again next year as long as the roots are intact. One day, when it has completed its life cycle, it will be buried in the ground, becoming the nourishment for new plants, and the cells and skins of new life. There is no gap for emptiness in this place because it faithfully fulfills its purpose of starting from the roots and returning to them. It does so by returning to the earth – its universe – and in doing so, it naturally practices 'returning to roots.

It is the human who feels void when a flower withers. Only humans, who either have many days left to return to their origins or fear returning to their origins, feel void when flowers wither.

We come from the void, and we must return to the void. We perhaps macabrely know that it is our destiny. However, knowing something and acknowledging and accepting it are different matters. It is the contradictory desire that cannot be fulfilled during one's lifetime – the desire to return to the void – perhaps creates the emotional concept of 'void' in humans. 'Void' is an unsolvable riddle for humanity in life.