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[ Listen to Lovesick Girls at Point 0 ]
03 June 2023

Maybe it’s all just for a moment. What are we looking for so aimlessly? BlackPink sings. In the middle of a usual relentless day, I pause and return to status 0. Plans and hopes resume the days and again questions arise, what is all this for?

0 can be anything or nothing. It is hope or doubt depending on how we see. After building the hopes for thirty times, it returns to 0 when doubts appear. Various desires lead to further attempts only to come back to point 0. The attitude of “nevertheless” is the ultimate help to repeat the cycle. Nevertheless, the doubt will follow, but with the wish of running into a needle hole and escaping this loop, again.

I wonder if love is the only antidote for a tireless comeback of doubts. If doubt is an invitation to 0, love is hard to put in numbers. The hard part is not about knowing love, but rather about practicing it when the more the love is needed. It is almost like never being able to keep my back straight while knowing how to.

Lovesick Girls first sounds self-inflicted that they’ve been waiting for the pain accompanied by love. But at last, it is a preach to those who dares to end their love and they will nevertheless repeat to love. These cheeky spirits of Kpop sound ambitious enough to defeat the futility at the point 0