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03 June 2023

Heidegger said that the world is not the sum of things, but rather the situation in which human lives by forming relational connections with things, i.e., a continuum of existence.

Shadows exist where light, objects, and humans have relative positions. The act of encountering shadows in the continuum of existence leaves a mark in memory, which is akin to leaving marks of existence in life.

Light is an event.

When an observer shines a light, the image painted by the shadow appears in the observer's field of view.

However, when the lifespan of the light bulb is exhausted, its shadow will eventually disappear as well. Some events occur and disappear independently of human will, like the rising and setting of the sun. When night falls, both the sun and its shadow vanish, yet when day breaks, they return as if nothing happened. However, yesterday's sun and today's sun can never be the same, as everything constantly changes. Not even for a minute or a second can be the same.Human life is also an event.

It may disappear in due time, but it returns in another due time. In the continuous world of existence, we are existence itself.