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[ Circle ]
17 June2023

ㅇ, 0, 원 and circle. This shape doesn't have the start or the end. I find the shape of repeating routes. I watched swimmers going back and forth along the 50 meter lane. There is no doubt in the act of swimming. Dragging one’s slippers in, one puts on the goggles, briefly reminds oneself of the slightly chilly water and then goes down into the water. And off to the other end, always further than expected, but arriving. One catches a few breaths, turns to the other side and stomps one’s feet without hesitation. The number of repetitions varies, up to one’s decision. Once walking into the space full of lanes, people do not doubt about what to do, who to do with, why to do. Calculation is quite clear: one loses energy, gains strength.  

The carousel at the center of the spacecraft from the SF novel, Mickey 7, has a similar role and psychology.  Next to the running rail in circular motion, Mickey Barnes no longer runs and reads on his tablet. I don’t think the running rail was enough for him to tame the futility while living to die and being reborn to die. This story is not about saving humanity but it is rather a heroic story of rescuing himself from the situation of futility. The story ends with an assuring picture where wise Mickey will not give up to be human. I was curious how director Bong Joon Ho read the story and watched the teaser of the upcoming Mickey 17. The camera rotates in 360 degrees motion and pulls the zoom as Robert Pattinson lies in the cylinder regenerating machine.