[ At the end of it all ]

Why am I here?

Where am I headed? What was it for?
What went wrong? Where is it? What am I after?
Why am I after it? What was it all for? Where to go? What is it? What do I want? What to look for? What now? How do I go on? What did I do wrong? Where did it go wrong? Why me? Why did you have to go? Why am I keep going? Why do I suffer? Why do I endure? Why? Why? Why?!!! Oh Lord, please make it stop!
Then again,
I fall for it again.

(It was once my everything, my universe. Abrupt end turned into a sea of void, lost to the curse. Drifting hopelessly, hoping never dreaming. Timed encounter reignites, erases the pain for my new everything.)

Woojai Lee @woojai