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[ Job No.1 Barber ]
09 September 2023

I have been a barber for a decade now, and my journey into this profession began in 2011 when I decided to cut my own hair. Two years later, I honed my skills by cutting 400 soldier's hair in the military during my 21-month service. Even though I was serving as military police.

Influenced by my father, who has been cutting his own hair for nearly four decades, I've inherited the dexterity and stubbornness not to rely on others for this task. Just like sculpting fingernails to liking, cutting my own hair is an enjoyable, and satisfying endeavor. However, when it comes to cutting someone else's hair, it's an entirely different story.

Hair holds a significant sway over one's appearance, much like their face. The distinction is that hair constantly grows, requiring continuous care. This understanding has instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude and responsibility toward those who entrust their hair to my hands. Moreover, cutting someone's hair fosters a heartwarming connection. Conversations about haircuts unveil the history of a person's hairstyles and even their upcoming plans. It's an opportunity to catch up on their present life and share my own. The tactile nature of the task and the exchange of dialogue create a unique bond beyond everyday encounters.

Over the years, one of my regular clients, whose hair I've been cutting for two years, has become a friend who updates well, although we may not socialize outside.