[ As light brightens, shadows deepen ]

Chanbyul Park

The designer declares that the void is the cradle of human existence, asserting its absence of actual void. The designer proposes that the concept of the void as an emotional realm arises from the human longing to revisit their origins. However, the eagerness to return to human origins cannot be fulfilled while one is alive. Therefore, humans have defined this yearning as an emotion and internalizing it. The artist finds the attitude we should have instead of sense of the void in the cycle of nature.

The artist redefines the void through artworks employing light, darkness, and tree bark. The bark plays important roles in trees, including protection and hydration. The bark of a tree is dead, but at the same time it is alive. Illuminated tree bark casts shadows, accentuating its contours. This metaphor, reflected in the title, underscores the interdependence of nothingness and existence, similar to the symbiosis of light and darkness.

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Photo credit @studiopopopo